Flexible Marketing for Owner-Managed Businesses

Hello, I enjoy working within small businesses providing integrated targeted marketing as a freelance marketing manager. You have access to your own Marketing Manager but not on your headcount and I enjoy working within your team and contributing to your business.

I’ve worked in marketing for many years, 20+ if you must know, mainly B2B but always across the whole marketing mix! When I left the ‘corporate’ world I saw the need for small businesses/SMEs to have professional marketing in-house, stop missing out on opportunities and communicate more effectively.

I know that for many owner-managed businesses employing a Marketing Manager is not realistic and they may only need a few days a month or a day a week. That’s where I come in, using my range of marketing – digital, social media, PR/communications and events work as Freelance Marketing Manager giving as much of my time as you need.

I work within your business (a part of the team), not a supplier, to really understand your business, customers and targets to enable you to reach your full potential. Although it may sound a bit cheesy seeing and knowing the difference I can/do make to your business is my motivation. I don’t take anything on without knowing that I can help and make the contribution you seek. It’s also important we share the same values such as honesty, integrity and commitment.

So I listen to you first and find out about your business, challenges, needs and goals and provide relevant, affordable and practical support as your (freelance) marketing manager from as little as one day a month.

I am located in Goring-on-Thames so my clients tend to be located within one hour drive so Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire Wiltshire or Buckinghamshire. My clients tend to be small owner-managed businesses that need a professional experienced marketer to provide strategy but more importantly hands-on support. Being a business owner myself I treat your money as if it was my own, spending time on activities that will make a difference. You can read typical scenarios and testimonials in solutions.

Perhaps you are clear on what marketing you need to do but don’t have the time and need to focus on your business. On the other hand you may be feeling overwhelmed with the marketing options and need a strategy in order to have a focused marketing plan which will achieve your goals for your product or service. I’d like to help you with these challenges. To find out more about Amica’s marketing services visit what I do.

How I am different:

  • Strategic as well as hands on.
  • All-round marketing skills – bring it all together in one place.
  • Reliable, honest and friendly – fit into a business seamlessly.
  • Cost effective and used to working to budget constraints.
  • Targeted and focused, not a scatter gun approach.
  • I listen to you and act to support your plans.
  • Flexible in my time or providing marketing support that’s right for you.
  • Clear in what I can do, no jargon.
  • Adaptable to work within different sectors.
  • Analytical skills to use research and identify opportunities.
  • Regular communication to keep you updated.
  • Organised and committed to meet deadlines and agreed objectives.
  • Fit easily into your business and can work alongside your staff.
  • Coach and mentor existing staff, if required.
  • Approachable.
  • Committed to your business.

Find out more at Solutions.

The clients I work for are not specific to a sector but to their need for diverse and flexible marketing. So if you’d like a free initial consultation or just a 30 minute ‘get to know’ please get in touch and say Hello.