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Helping Values-Led Businesses & Charities Reach Their Goals With Strategy-Led Marketing Services

Helping Values-Led B2B Businesses and Charities Reach Their Goals With Strategy-Led Relationship Marketing

Are you ready for a flexible tailored approach to your marketing?


You’re determined to build a successful business, but you feel stuck when it comes to reaching your target audience.


You're putting a lot of effort into your marketing but you're not seeing results or you just don't know where to start.


You want to learn what's going to get you results, but there’s too much information online to know what’s worth your time.


Clients come to me for a number of reasons but it often boils down to:

  • 1 They lack the expertise but have the time.
  • 2 They have recognised the business is taking up their time and the marketing they were doing is slipping away. They need help in direction and execution.
  • 3 They are ready to take their marketing up a level from their DIY approach.
  • 4 They appreciate the value of taking a holistic approach to their marketing.

But they don’t want mediocre, could be anyone approach. They understand the value of building genuine relationships, want to differentiate themselves and utilise their personal brand.

They want their own Marketing Director but on a flexible basis without the overheads.

Working With You

You choose... how you want to work.

Is it a lack of a cohesive direction, lack of time, lack of expertise - or all 3!


You have the time to do your own marketing but lack the strategic expertise or confidence perhaps to know what to do or who to target.


Do you want results but you don't have time to invest in your marketing? Would you like someone with experience to lead on your marketing for you?

Marketing Strategy

Everything starts (or should!) with your strategy. It’s your compass to guide your activity. From a review, a DIY approach to a bespoke marketing strategy for you.


If you’re not sure, give me a call

30 Years Experience of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

I help you to nurture your existing clients, attract new business or funding, and develop genuine relationships.
Everyone is different but this is generally how relationships with my clients start


We meet over Zoom or in person if local,
(we may have had a Discovery Call first or not!).
I find out about your business, marketing challenges and values to see
how I can help you.

Are we a good fit? Yes!


I prepare a proposal based on our conversation which is tailored to your needs and investment.


I take you through the proposal over Zoom so we can discuss and I can answer any questions or tweak the proposal.


Final proposal agreed!


Simple agreement signed off.


Let’s get going!

What My Clients Say