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My Story

I love to share my passion for purposeful marketing with values-led businesses. Giving them access to flexible strategic marketing and deliverables without being on their headcount.

I started Amica Marketing to give flexibility not only to my clients but to me too. I wanted a challenging career but flexibility to still be a Mum and support my family. Running your own business is not easy, juggling all the hats you need to wear and that helps me empathise with my clients, together with my management experience. It’s not long before marketing planning turns into advice on a member of staff or supplier.

It’s been over 10 years now and I still strongly believe that small businesses and charities can and should have access to flexible strategic marketing with actionable results. I saw that having the strategy without taking action was of little benefit. You can have access to your own Marketing Director on a flexible basis from a few hundred pounds a month.

I take an interest in the businesses and charities I support, I choose them as much as they choose to work with me. I focus on values-led B2B service businesses and local charities.

Having always utilised mixed marketing channels I provide tailored marketing to meet their needs and budget but it’s important to know what you should do and how you should do it! It’s vital to have a clear brand and be authentic in how you ‘show’ up.

I’m flying the flag for B2B business entrepreneurs, demystifying marketing and filling the gaps that exists between – inexperienced staff – agency – staff.

I love to work with people whose values drive their decisions, who are happy for me to delve deep and explore the WONDER they have.

You can either take the Do It Yourself Approach but with expert support, guidance and accountability OR Done For You Approach with a mix of marketing strategy and execution on a monthly basis.


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