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Why Amica

I enjoy working within owner-managed businesses and local charities sharing my 30 years experience of running integrated targeted marketing campaigns.

You have access to your own Marketing Director (and do-er!) at a fraction of the cost of employing one and on a flexible need basis. I enjoy supporting you, working as part of your team and contributing to your success.

As your Consultant Marketing Director, I will slot into your small team and get under the skin of your organisation. I'll understand your business (customers, values and goals) and make a difference quickly and consistently.

I also appreciate for some businesses; you wish to take responsibility for execution but lack the strategy. That’s where my mentoring service[link to page] comes in. For those who take the Do-It-Yourself approach but need strategic steer, accountability and access to someone at the end of the phone or email.

Mix of Strategy and Delivery

My support is both strategic but most importantly effective hands-on marketing that targets your audience with the right ‘voice’ and message within your budget, which for small businesses and charities is likely to be very tight. I focus on organic marketing that creates genuine relationships to support your goals - win new business or generate funding.

As I cover the full marketing mix I am your one point of contact for marketing and communications – digital, print, PR and events. You may initially think of me as a freelance marketer but soon enough you’ll refer to me as your Marketing & Comms Lead to the outside world!

If you would like to hand over your marketing to a professional to manage it for you let's arrange a Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit.

Values are at the Heart

Values and creating genuine relationships in business are important to me so I choose to work with values-driven people and organisations. These are my key values and what they mean to me (and you)!

  • Honesty and integrity - it's important to be authentic, why be anyone else? Be true. Say what you mean and do what you say you will. I look out for you and do what I say I will do.
  • Commitment & Determination - always do my best and don't give up easily.  I will look for solutions in and out of the box! I'll often go the extra mile for my clients (remember my other value, to say thank you!) Very much a 'can-do' type of person!
  • Trust - your dependable expert. Clients take me into their confidence and trust me to deliver and value my opinion on their business decisions. What we discuss is between us!
  • Empathy - I'll wear your shoes for you. What does this mean? I put myself in my clients' position to create and develop purposeful marketing that talks to them and solves their problems.
  • People First - treat others as you wish to be treated. Show Kindness. Think of others, how can you help them or support the creation of genuine relationships. Pulling people together for the greatest impact.
  • Appreciation - Say thank you for the little things 'every day' (a great coffee, walk in the sun, sweet scent of roses in summer, you get it). Don't take life or people for granted.

Let's arrange a chat to see if we our values match.

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