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What’s the hook?

When planning PR think about the journalist and the audience they are writing for. Have you got a story to tell that’s newsworthy or of interest to their readers?

Here are a few PR ideas to get you started:

1. Announcements
Is there something happening that you can make an announcement about? Attendance at a trade show/exhibition, an award you have won, new people joining your company.

2. Research
Conduct independent research into a subject that relates to your business and how you can help solve the problem raised. Back up your claims with facts and figures.

3. Charity, community or fundraising
Most organisations in some way contribute to their community or get involved in a charity. If you are then you need to let others know. For example, you may have a team entering a charity/local run, provide a talk at your local school or organise a fundraising event for a national charity.

4. Product and Service
News specific to the product or service you provide. For example, due to a qualification/licence you are now able to offer a new unique service, you have a new product fulfilling a need you’ve researched or a collaboration has resulted in a new product/service to customers.

5. Ask the Expert
Provide industry related advice, tips, trends or predictions. Be known as the authority or expert on particular subjects. This works really well with key journalists who have come to know you.

A few final PR tips, don’t forget!

  • Work to the media deadline for copy.
  • Don’t fight against big news stories – time it carefully.
  • Always use your own news within your own website with photo/image linking to your newsletter and social media networks.
  • Include a quote or two in your release.
  • Provide a photo unless press photographer covering.
  • Build relationships with your key journalists, warm them up to your plans. If there is an important contact you may consider giving them exclusivity before a full release is issued.

Hi, I'm Rachel Cox - Writer of this blog for purpose-led businesses and charities. It’s short and punchy, useful and easy to read. You will find marketing tips and views, news, running your own business, being a working mum and someone who believes in excellent customer service so possibly a rant thrown in for good measure every now and then. I hope you enjoy and please comment and share.

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