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Why you should keep telling your story in difficult times

Storytelling has been used for years to get messages across clearly and hold people’s attention. It goes all the way back to the Bible and the parables that Jesus told, if not earlier. In business, stories allow people to get an insight into your organisation, your brand, your purpose and passion.

Using stories is a great way to draw people closer to your organisation especially when you’re not able to meet them face to face.

We’re often faced with ‘not good’ news related to COVID-19 when we switch on the radio or TV. But tune in carefully and you will hear good news stories – supportive neighbours, using the furloughed time to learn a new skill or people discovering nature in their garden. Take Captain Tom (now Sir!), we couldn’t get enough of his story! It wasn’t in completing laps of his garden for the NHS but the deeper story of the man – his life and his character. Little by little, day after day we got to know him and in so doing he raised over £32m for the NHS! The whole country got behind him.

People love a good story especially during times of struggle. 

7 reasons why storytelling is so important now:

  1. Community is key. Some companies have been helping out local communities, despite their cash flow issues. Have you been raising money for your local charity during lockdown? Share the heroes in your organisation or tell us if you have pivoted your normal service or product to offer support or reach a different audience perhaps. What are you doing? 
  2. To build trust – with the lack of face to face meetings and networking and more remote working and zoom calls, stories can build relationships. You don’t need to be remote from your clients.
  3. To attract new people– reaching new clients could be harder for you now. Stories help you attract the right audience – clients and also future employees, to your organisation.
  4. Demonstrate your organisation’s values in how you work with others. People have taken the time during lockdown to consider their priorities and what they value. They will remember how you behaved and how you treated your clients, staff and suppliers. COVID-19 has brought out the best (and worse) in people.
  5. Improve loyalty – whether it’s clients, employees, associates, supporters or corporate partners. They feel proud to be associated with you and it reconfirms why they chose you in the first place. They align with the values that you are living through your shared content and communications.
  6. Be visible – sharing your story is one way of keeping in touch with clients, current or those who have put a pause on your work. It’s important to keep in touch with them regularly.
  7. Relationships – people buy from people. Relationships have proven even more important in these difficult times. Stories are remembered and help your audience along the way to starting a relationship with your business through storytelling. 

Where you can share your story

  1. Your blog.
  2. Social Media networks you focus on.
  3. Through videos
  4. Webinars.
  5. Podcasts – as a guest or your own.
  6. About Page on your website or Facebook page.
  7. Newsletter. 
  8. Internal Communications.
  9. In the media.

In these difficult times consider how your story can help others and add value. Raise yourself above all the background noise –  let your story sing and be one that people want to read. 

But I’ve got nothing to say…

If you’re struggling to find relevant stories to share during coronavirus, here are some ideas to get you started. Think about what you (or members of your team) are doing (or have done) in your community, has your service/product been adapted to help clients, how are you helping others during coronavirus, how does your ‘why’ relate to the current situation, what are your values, insights into your industry, and how coronavirus is affecting how you operate or your customers. I’m sure there are stories just waiting to be discovered. Arrange a free Zoom call with me to brainstorm some ideas or a fresh of eyes on your About Page.


Hi, I'm Rachel Cox - Writer of this blog for purpose-led businesses and charities. It’s short and punchy, useful and easy to read. You will find marketing tips and views, news, running your own business, being a working mum and someone who believes in excellent customer service so possibly a rant thrown in for good measure every now and then. I hope you enjoy and please comment and share.

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